Aage Hempel Group invests heavily in global training courses annually.

Aage Hempel has established its own training centre where technicians and engineers can receive training and quickly learn the functionality of a range of equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

trainig-inDifferent navigation, communication and safety equipment are permanently installed and interconnected, replicating a vessel installation. Further, radar video and NMEA signals from GPS, AIS, Speed Log, Echo Sounder, Gyro Navtex, VHF, amongst others, are also used as training tools in our centre.

This long term, hands-on experience acquired by our technical team ensures that everyone adheres to the highest technical standards that our customers have come to expect from Aage Hempel Group.

It is noteworthy that several manufacturers have agreed to use our facilities to train our own technicians, as well as those from other companies. We have also received approval from a number of manufacturers to train and certify our own technicians.

Aage Hempel Marine Electronics