The Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) or the Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (SVDR) is a data recording system designed for all vessels that must comply with the requirements of the IMO SOLAS International Convention, in order to collect data from different sensors on board. The annual VDRS-VDR inspections required by SOLAS regulation V/20 must be carried out by the manufacturer or a person authorized by the manufacturer, in our case by our certified technicians.

Aage Hempel Group is authorized by the various manufacturers to carry out inspections of VDR/SVDR equipment.

Among these services that we offer are annual inspections, renewals of certificates, preparation of check-lists, issuance of manufacturer’s certificates, installation, repair, maintenance, provision of spare parts, special parts and troubleshooting.

We are currently certified by the following manufacturers:

Gyroscopic and Double Gyroscopic units revisions

Aage Hempel Group is authorized to carry out surveys for the main brands of gyroscopic units.

Our technicians are trained by the different manufacturers and have the necessary experience to carry out surveys and revisions on board.

We are currently certified by the following gyro unit manufacturers:

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