We are approved service partner for all major manufacturers of Navigation, Communication and Security Systems.

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  • Radio Zeeland

    Radio Zeeland

    After 20 years of full dedication to the commercial shipping industry, RZ have taken the steps into the yachting market. With new ideas and techniques they have introduced a complete new perception of an integrated bridge. Over the years RZ have installed our system on some of the world’s most prestigious yachts and worked closely
  • Overland AS

    Overland AS

    Overland AS was established in 1947. For more than 65 years they have equipped hundreds vessels ranging from: trawlers, supply vessels, Tug boats and ferries. Their product portfolio ranges from Serial Line Splitters to NMEA interfaces – DNV approved
  • Veinland


    Development and manufacturing of hard- and software which enables receiving and processing digital and analogue system signals. Development and manufacturing of hard- and software which displays the received information from digital and analogues system signals, into end-user applications.
  • Taiyo Musen

    Taiyo Musen

    Taiyo Musen is a medium size manufacturer of navigation and Communications equipments focus on the pleasure market.
  • Airmar


    Airmar is the world-recognized leader in marine-sensing technology. Holding numerous patents and manufacturing the broadest line of depth, speed, temperature, and Smart™ Sensors has made them the “standard” in the marine-sensor.
  • Promarine Ltd

    Promarine Ltd

    Founded in 2005, Promarine Ltd has developed solutions to improve the reliability of navigation and communication systems for different types of marine vessels (military and commercial). Promarine’s high-quality services and products are designed to overcome problems caused by interference and to prevent it occurring in critical maritime environments. It minimises the risks, reduces workload on daily activities
  • Actisense


    Actisense is dedicated to supplying intelligent sensors and interfaces that are unrivalled for their quality, features and reliability. Utilising over 20 years of specialist experience in the design of DSP software and hardware, in the field of smart sensors and underwater acoustics, Actisense is now a market leader in manufacturing intelligent marine electronic products.
  • Standard Horizon

    Standard Horizon

    For more than 50 years Standard Horizon has built and delivered the finest radios on the market. Their products are used in the fishing and shipping industries as well as installed in the base stations.
  • Martek Marine Ltd

    Martek Marine Ltd

    Is a world leader in the manufacture of safety and environmental emissions monitoring systems for the global marine industry. You can find a Martek system or product to help you meet your needs for BNWAS, engine emissions monitoring,gas detection, water level detection, or cargo tank monitoring.
  • Samsung


    Specialist in: VDR (Voyage Data Recorder), ECDIS (Electronic chart display) and AMS/ ICMS (Integrated control & monitoring system).
  • CNS Systems

    CNS Systems

    CNS Systems operates in the global maritime and aviation markets with specific expertise in Communication, Navigation and Surveillance of traffic. The systems offered are based on AIS and VDL Mode 4standards for maritime and aviation, respectively.    
  • AMI Marine

    AMI Marine

    (UK) Ltd’s primary product portfolio contains the electronic link and retransmission systems that interface between new and existing bridge equipment as well as mandatory equipments such as VDR and BNWAS.
  • Satamatics


    ‘ worldwide telematics services provide the critical enabling technology for Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS), Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), fishery monitoring, fleet management, asset tracking and tracing, controlling and monitoring remote sites, security applications and personnel safety.  
  • PC Maritime | Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    PC Maritime | Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    PC Maritime Ltd is a leading UK developer and supplier of ECDIS, marine training software and electronic charts to marine markets world-wide. PC Maritime is part of the Harrison Holdings Group, owner of Lilley & Gillie,  DPM (UK) and DPM (Singapore).  
  • SKIPPER Electronics

    SKIPPER Electronics

    AS is a Norwegian ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturer of navigation echo sounders, speed logs and sounders for fishery. Skipper also trade SUZUKI sounders, AIRMAR transducers and TAIYO direction finders.
  • Highlander


    Highlander has independently researched and developed VDRs Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Ship Control System (SCS), Radars, ECDIS, Gyro Compass, BNWAS, Global Maritime Distress & Safety (GMDSS), Vessel Electronics Integrated Systems (VEIS) and other civilian marine electronics product series
  • Saab Portfolio

    Saab Portfolio

    Saab’s fourth-generation AIS technology utilizes software-defined radio, making it software upgradeable to other product versions.
  • Rutter VDRs – Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    Rutter VDRs – Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    Rutter has evolved from being the world’s largest supplier of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) into supplying fully integrated radar based systems for oil and gas exploration and production as well as security and surveillance applications.
  • Pole Star

    Pole Star

    Pole Star is the leading provider of Fleet Management, Ship Security and Vessel Monitoring systems to the maritime industry. Pole Star systems are currently used to track more than 24,000 ships worldwide
  • Navitron System Ltd

    Navitron System Ltd

    Specialist in Steering Controls and autopilot systems Navitron offer comprehensive range of Type Approved solutions designed for the commercial vessel market proving to be very robustness and reliable. have also been one of the first manufacturers to introduce BNWAS solutions as the BNWAS regulation was being introduced.
  • Headway


    Since its foundation, Headway has planned the development vision of “Create high-tech marine equipments and a national brand”. Over the past six years, Headway staff have created and innovated satisfying products for customers by virtue of their own wisdoms and efforts.
  • Broadgate


    For over 17 years, Broadgate Voyage Event Recorders have been fitted on almost every conceivable type of ship, including Ro-Ro ferries, bulk carriers, container ships, coasters, tankers and passenger vessels.    
  • ChartCo


    ChartCo provides a maritime data supply service; OCEANSis the Official Electronic Navigational Chart service from ChartCo, providing vessels with extensive, global ENC coverage.


    AVECS is part of Interschalt group: The available know-how, together with 12 years of experience in producing VDRs plus the latest technical developments have all been accommodated into the customer oriented solution.
  • EMA


    EMA develops solutions for end users, service providers, product providers and system integrators. The BlueTraker® range offers global tracking, monitoring and surveillance of vessels at low investment and for modest air-time cost.
  • FLIR Systems

    FLIR Systems

    FLIR Systems are the pioneers for thermal imaging cameras in the Maritime market. Aage Hempel can offer our customers the widest range of Flir Thermal cameras, binocular & monoculars. Primary uses: Anti-Piracy, Iceberg detection and oil spilt detection. With new feature for Radar tracking objects.
  • Simrad


    Based in Norway and a part of Kongsberg Maritime AS, Simrad manufactures advanced sonars, echo sounders and catch monitor instrumentation.
  • Hyunday Heavy Industries

    Hyunday Heavy Industries

    Hyunday Heavy Industries has earned a worldwide reputation as a reliable business partner in the power industry by manufacturing and supplying the highest quality electric equipment, including VDR/SVDR and Automation systems.  


    AMESYS mainly addresses to the markets in the field of Defence & Aeronautics, Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy & Industry, Network & Security and Microelectronics.
  • Intellian


    Intellian Technologies® is the world’s technological leader in manufacturing a wide range of mobile satellite communication systems. Intellian Technologies has established its name with its introduction of the self-contained satellite antenna system, which provides access to high quality Satellite TV system in the open sea, even in the roughest weather conditions.
  • Airbus Defence & Space

    Airbus Defence & Space

    Airbus Defence and Space is a major provider of satellite communications to the business world, with the most comprehensive portfolio of services on the market today. Over 200,000 end-users from the maritime, land and aviation sectors rely on our cost-effective satellite communications services. This includes shipping companies, aid agencies, mining firms, oil and gas companies,
  • Jotron


    Based on IMO’s regulations and the SOLAS 1974 convention, Jotron has been at the forefront when it comes to safety communication products.
  • Tokyo Keiki

    Tokyo Keiki

    Tokyo Keiki manufacturers and markets a wide range of navigational equipment, integrated bridge systems and communication equipments for ocean going vessels utilizing advance navigation and communication technologies to ensure safer voyages.
  • VDRs Netwave

    VDRs Netwave

    With over 2000 vessels currently sailing with Netwave VDRs; the company offers an entirely new generation of Ultra Compact VDR solutions, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease of use.
  • INTERSCHALT maritime systems

    INTERSCHALT maritime systems

    INTERSCHALT maritime systems today offers a unique combination of hard- and software equipment as well as software solutions for the maritime industry: Development and construction of bridge consoles and switch boards, development and commissioning of automation- and ship safety systems and Voyage data recorder.
  • Danelec Marine – Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    Danelec Marine – Aage Hempel Naval Electronics

    Danelec Marine boast cutting edge technology bringing New generations of Voyage Data Recorders,Simplified VDR ´ s and ECDIS Their ECDIS systems are designed with a high focus on reliability and flexibility.
  • Kelvin Hughes

    Kelvin Hughes

    Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the design/ technology in marine navigation systems with over two and a half centuries of experience and knowledge. Leading technology with the New manta Digital Radars and ECDIS systems. Cutting edge technology in Sharp Eye Radars which use Solid state magnetrons not to mention the 3 year warranty


    FURUNO are leading manufactures in (Integrated Navigation System) such as Radars, satellite communication systems as well as other Deepsea products such as Echo Sounders,Speed Logs, ECDIS systems . Furuno´s reputation for High quality is well known through out the maritime market with a very excellent service network locations.
  • Sam Electronics 2

    Sam Electronics 2

    Sam Electronics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of maritime electrical and electronic systems. Technically, Sam Electronics is an acknowledged world leader in such fields as automation, integrated navigation and maritime communications
  • Raytheon Anschütz

    Raytheon Anschütz

    Over 100 years of experience, Raytheon Anschütz has an international reputation as a reliable partner for navigation systems such as Radars, ECDIS,Gyro Compass solutions ,Autopilots and steering controls for the professional shipping and shipbuilding market.
  • Sperry Marine

    Sperry Marine

    Sperry Marine,Sperry, Decca and C. Plath, are three of the best-known names in the marine electronics industry, with a history dating back over 100 years. Aage Hempel is official service agent and distributors( Malta office): specialising in Vision Master Radars, ECDIS, Integrated Bridge Systems, VDR, Gyros, C Plath magnetic compass’s
  • Cobhan / Sailor | Aage Hempel Marine Electronics

    Cobhan / Sailor | Aage Hempel Marine Electronics

    Thrane & Thrane is one of the worlds largest communication equipment providers ranging from aeronautical, maritime and land mobile market areas. Aage Hempel is Thrane & Thrane official distributor and certified partner for service and sales in 3 continents , Americas , Europe and Africa
  • JRC


    Develops a variety of products ranging from radio /satellite communication to Navigational radars and Ecids. High performance products with superior quality to support safety and security of vessels including merchant ships, work boats and fishing boats in the world’s oceans and seas. Aage Hempel became official distributor of JRC in 2010.
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