Our maintenance services include repairs, troubleshooting and replacement of faulty parts. We may also provide commissioning of new equipment as well as full maintenance of NavCom equipment to our customers’ fleet.

Quality service to our customers is assured as our engineers’ are trained and certified by our principals.

We make sure our technicians are kept up-to-date with the very latest market developments and international regulations with ongoing training programs so they can refresh their knowledge and ensure that we keep offering our top quality, on-the-spot services.Our engineers are knowledgeable and technically competent to ensure customer satisfaction.Aage Hempel features a technical library, including documentation about installation, operation, maintenance and service manuals, which covers as well as old as new equipment. Our library is updated on a daily base with manufacturer bulletins, software and manuals to ensure a full coverage of up to date information.

Aage Hempel delivers worldwide service through our own offices and our global service network of certified partners wherever you sail.

Aage Hempel is committed to fulfil our customers’ requests as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. Our offices all around Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Malta, The Netherlands and Panama enable us to provide 24/7 service and support to our customers.

In support of the worldwide service and installation, our Head Office provides a comprehensive spares support.

We are the authorised service hub for various products and brands such as JRC, Copham / Sailor, Sperry Marine, Skipper, Raytheon and many more. As such, we are backed with an extensive inventory of spare parts for our customers’ servicing needs.

Aage Hempel is a certified service center for Thrane & Thrane, being the OSC (Onboard Service Center) and service hub for Skipper.

Besides, Aage Hempel has received over the years various awards from manufacturers incluiding “Best Interschalt and JRC Service Company of the year”.

24 hours 365 days a year for national and international services.

In this marine industry where vessels travel around the world at all times, we know that efficiency matters the most. We are committed to provide solutions within 24 hours.

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