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The Aage Hempel Group is one of the principal market leaders in the naval electronics sector on a global, worldwide level; where our main activity is the sale, repair, and maintenance of electronic equipment for navigation, communication, and safety on board merchant vessels, Mega-yachts, and SATCOM solutions.

We are committed on a daily basis, to assure continuous and ongoing improvements in the services and attention provided to our customers, with our relationship towards the stakeholders, and also at an organizational level with our own employees. For this reason, we have implemented the Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (Certificate ISO 14001), and Health & Safety Policies for employees; basing ourselves always on the main principles that will guarantee efficiency, safety, reliability, quality, and reduced environmental impact, in the services that we provide:

-Advisory: As we concentrate our efforts towards customer satisfaction and achieving customer expectations; we aim to provide at the same time, competitive and quality solutions.

-Personnel: Within the Aage Hempel Group we strive to maintain an adequate HHRR Policy that will ensure the maximum level of qualified professionals; while at the same time, aligning ourselves with the overall objectives of our Quality, Environmental, and H&S Policies. Thereby fostering a good, friendly working atmosphere.

-Occupational Health & Safety: We look to strengthen the management of our H&S Policy through continuous investment in both training and technology. This directly helps identify, value, prevent, and eliminate all those activities that might jeopardize or put at risk the Health and Safety of all our employees within the Group (especially for technicians).

-Commitment towards the Environment: Due to establishing and implementing adequate systems in order to facilitate the identification and control of those environmental aspects directly related to our business, we are detecting and eliminating any negative impact in this area.

It is our objective to integrate all our Business Partners, Stakeholders, and employees to this commitment.

Within the Aage Hempel Group, the Quality, Environmental, and the H&S Policies, together all constitute a fundamental tool towards consolidating the above commitments within the Group management program and the overall achievement of our objectives and goals.

Luis Miguel Ayala

General Manager

Aage Hempel Group

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