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Iridium GO!

Satellite WiFi hotspot that connects to any smartphone or tablet Android or iOS

Iridium Pilot

Última generación de terminales marítimos Iridium que ofrece el servicio de voz y datos de alta velocidad de forma simultánea con cobertura global.


Iridium Extreme 9575

Iridium handheld with voice, data, fax, SMS messaging services and email capability via mini-USB cable connected to your PC or laptop. The first satellite phone that has built in GPS tracking and also an emergency SOS button.

Iridium SAILOR model SC4000

Iridium SAILOR model SC4000. 12-24V. Type approval Nº. 66.0006

FleetBroadband JRC JUE251

FleetBroadband marca JRC mod. JUE251. 24V. Nº Homolog.: 73.0014.