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Inmarsat IsatHub

Inmarsat Global Satellite Hotspot.

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

The latest satellite phone that has built in GPS tracking and also an emergency SOS button.

SAILOR Fleet One

Inmarsat maritime broadband system providing simultaneous high-speed data (up to 100kbps) and voice communication

FleetBroadband SAILOR FB500

Latest maritime communications service from Inmarsat to provide cost-effective, simultaneous voice and high-speed data communications (up to 432kbps).

FleetBroadband SAILOR FB250

FleetBroadband marca SAILOR modelo FB250. 12-24V. Nº Homolog.: 73.0002

FleetBroadband JRC JUE501

FleetBroadband JRC model JUE501. 24V. Type Approval Nº: 73.0013.

FleetBroadband SAILOR FB150

FleetBroadband marca SAILOR modelo FB150. 12-24V. Nº Homolog.: 73.0006