The growth of a small company that has become one of the largest service providers in the world. Year after year, Aage Hempel Group grows in the number of employees, opening new offices and offering a better service to our customers.


Foundation of the company in Denmark.

Aage Hempel’s initial activities were the importation of commodities. Over time, the company’s activities expanded into shipping and  logistics, primarily between Denmark and the USA. This evolved to include mechanical supply and repairs.


Beggining of the business activity in Algeciras (Spain)

Aage Hempel opens a small office in the port of Algeciras (Spain) due to the need of Maersk to have services in that port.

In 1999 opens its first office in Gibraltar.


Aage Hempel opens its first office in Morocco, in the city of Casablanca.

The port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in Morocco and in the world. Casablanca’s port handles more than 21,3 million tons of traffic annually, 


Aage Hempel joins Grupo Arbulu

Joining Grupo Arbulu, one of the largest marine electronics and satellite communications groups in the world, represents an important milestone for the growth and consolidation of Aage Hempel

Grupo Arbulu


Aage Hempel opens an office in Malta

Malta’s port is one of the largest transhipment and logistics centre in the Mediterranean region with over 30 years experience in the shipping industry.


Aage Hempel opens an office in  Portugal, located in Lisbon.

Due to its strategic site between Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic, the Port of Lisbon it is one of the most accessed and used in Europe.


Aage Hempel opens its first office in Panama.

The Port of Balboa is on the side of the Panama Canal which faces the Pacific Ocean. Balboa is one of the busiest container port in South America. 


Aage Hempel opens an office in the Netherlands.

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe and the  world’s largest seaport outside of  East Asia. The Port of Rotterdam aims to be emissions-free by the year 2050.


Merge with Crame

Aage Hempel merges with another of Grupo Arbulu companies, Crame, forming Aage Hempel Crame. The merge represents the consolidation of a new leader in the global naval electronics market  service provider, strengthening Aage Hempel’s presence in the national market and boosting its international growth.


Aage Hempel opens an office in Cyprus.

Limassol port is located in the eastern Mediterranean and is considered one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean transit trade.


Aage Hempel acquires Charity and Taylor.

Aage Hempel acquires Charity and Taylor, a company with a strong presence in the UK market. Charity and Taylor has 6 offices in the UK and gives service to all UK ports.

Charity and Taylor


Aage Hempel acquires the 70% of Marvel.

Aage Hempel acquires 70% of the Greek company Marvel, a company with a large presence on the Greek market.



Aage Hempel opens an office in Singapore.
The Port of Singapore is the second busiest port in the world in terms of total shipping tonnage.
From its Singapore office, Aage Hempel will serve all of its Asian customers.


Marvel (member of Aage Hempel Group) opens an office in Egypt.

Alexandria’s port is the main port in Egypt and manages more than three quarters of the Egyptian foreign trade. Alexandria port consists of two harbours (East and West) separated by a T-shaped peninsula. The West harbour is used for commercial shipping.