Rachid Chatat appointed as Regional Sales Manager for our Rotterdam office. This appointment is in line with the Group´s strategy to closely support our customers and to continue business growth worldwide.

New Regional Sales Manager, Rachid Chatat

Rachid has 15 years’ experience in the maritime community. He has also worked with several major maritime companies and will be spearheading our efforts in the Netherlands.

Ioannis Papaefthymiou, Aage Hempel Managing Director, said; We are delighted to welcome Rachid into our growing family¨.

In addition, Aage Hempel Head of Group Sales, David Breakspear, (featured in the photo with Rachid in our Rotterdam office) said, ¨ I am so happy to welcome Rachid  into the team. His valuable experience will assist us into further growing our sales pipeline¨.

Global leaders

Aage Hempel Group has offices in Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Morocco, Panama, the Netherlands,  Spain,  Uk, Greece. Singapore. Moreover, we will continue our global expansion in the coming years, based on solid financial strength and utilizing the power of our own internal human resources and our spirit of leadership, which is based on our steadfast service to our clients and commitment to the maritime community.

Aage Hempel Group is also part of Grupo Arbulu, a leading group of 9 companies specialised in marine electronics and satellite communications solutions for the maritime industry.