Ioannis Papaefthymiou our Managing Director was very happy to announce the opening of this new office in Limassol, Cyprus.

Aage Hempel Cyprus joins our Spain, Portugal, Malta, Morocco, Panama, Netherlands locations, strengthening the company’s global presence. Also, we are committed to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions through our technical capabilities to new and existing customers around the world.

“Cyprus is a pillar of the shipping industry. It has also a strong maritime tradition. Additionally, it is one of the largest third-party ship management fleets in Europe, ”added Chris Michael. Chris Michel is the Area Sales Manager for Aage Hempel Group in  Cyprus. “Our new Mediterranean office located in Limassol will offer expert technical support locally, and convenient business hours, to ensure safe ocean travel and zero down time for all our customers”.

Aage Hempel group is also a part of Grupo Arbulu.


At Aage Hempel Group we focus on giving our clients the best service on board and in remote. Next year, we will be offering our services worldwide through our ten offices covering all maritime routes.  

Our thirty offices , partners and associated service points make up one of the largest maritime service companies worldwide. Furthermore, the group is made up of four brands: Aage Hempel Crame (Spain), Aage Hempel Group (rest of the world), Charity & Taylor (UK) and Marvel (Greece). Aage Hempel Group is a world reference company in its sector. We have a staff of 120 highly specialised employees around the world who work every day to offer the best service to their clients, regardless of where they are. Aage Hempel Group employees around the world never lose sight of the customer and work to create value beyond profit, always with an eye on current and future customer needs.


Provide worldwide services of the highest quality on board for the shipping, deepsea, windfarms, megayachts and windfarm industries.


To be the most competitive and professional in the world maritime service provider sector. 


Customise the service to our clients, meeting all their needs and leaving them completely satisfied with the services offered