Dimitra Costa will be the new Group Customer Service Manager.  Undoubtedly, Dimitra’s personal and professional qualities, her previous experience of almost 22 years of professional experience in the sector will be essential for the coordination of the Group Customer Service. Customer Service is for Aage Hempel Group a priority and its of outmost importance to deliver the best service.

Furthermore, her incorporation will allow us to not only continue, but to strengthen even further our strategy concerning the Group´s position. We aim to be next to the customer, increasing our awareness of trends and customer needs.  Therefore, effectively expanding our global business based on a strong relationship with our partners. Also, we will achieve this with the help of a solid team and a simplified structure.


Firstly, the goal of a customer service manager will be to ensure the retention of customers through providing added value to their customer experience. This is done by instilling in employees the need to actively listen to customers, be empathetic towards their problems, and be efficient in providing worthy solutions.

The customer service manager plays a key role in an organization.  Therfore, Dimitra will have responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Enabling the service team to be customer-centric.
  • Knowing the organization’s services and brands inside and out
  • Leading the customer service department and making sure that the best service is achieved.
  • Continuing to iterate ways to improve performance and efficiency based on customer feedback.


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