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Aage Hempel delivers worldwide service through our own offices and our global service network of certified partners.

Aage Hempel can be your valued service partner for GMDSS Shore Based Maintenance for your fleet sailing in all A1, A2, A3 and A4 sea areas under any flag.

We employ qualified staff and service companies worldwide.
We have an in depth knowledge of our partners, both equipment manufacturers and their agents and representatives, whom we are personally acquainted with and whose business practices we approve of.
Our highly skilled team of international service coordinators and engineers are experts in maritime electronics, communication, navigation equipment and Satcom solutions.
Through our extensive network we offer 24/7 support and we have a stock of spare parts readily available for our customer’s convenience.
Furthermore, our dedicated engineers will travel beyond international borders to give their utmost service worldwide.
Whenever you need to appoint a service engineer even in the most distant ports, you may contact our International Service Coordination Center, and we are available to coordinate it for you 24/7 365 days a year.

sbmc-inFull Maintenance Contracts

Key Benefits:

  • A.H. guarantees your vessels will fully comply with all SOLAS requirements
  • Your staff will be able to concentrate on other important issues
  • Reducing staff overheads
  • A single point of contact at Aage Hempel, and we will take care of the rest
  • Easy to plan your yearly Budget
  • Keep sailing, pay later
  • Extensive reporting / information available on your equipment whenever you request it.
  • Full flexibility to choose a service contract which best suits your actual requirements
  • Annual reminders: GMDSS survey, APT for VDR, Gyro overhaul, etc
  • Our 20 years experience, know how, and worldwide network will keep all your marine electronic equipment operational in the most efficient way
  • Your work is limited to the original request for service interventions
  • History available for all your services

Aage Hempel offers customer’s satisfaction through quality of services, value and customer care.

Aage Hempel Marine Electronics