Founded in 1933 in Denmark, Aage Hempel’s initial activities were the importation of commodities. Over time, the company’s activities expanded into shipping and  logistics, primarily between Denmark and the USA. This evolved to include mechanical supply and repairs

history-inIn 1992, Maersk began operations in Algeciras’ port container terminal but needed technical assistance with the bridge equipment on their vessels.

This led to the formation of Aage Hempel Spain (now Aage Hempel Crame), a purely service driven company. From humble beginnings with just 4 people, today the company is part of a multinational Group comprised of 120 people, with over 13,000 services being conducted on an annual basis.

Over the years, Aage Hempel Crame successfully entered into many service agreements with most of the major marine electronic manufacturers in the world. In 2008, the business expanded yet again with the establishment of a sales department which has been growing ever since. In the same year, Aage Hempel Group was acquired by the Arbulu Group which also operates in Spain’s marine electronics industry. This large Spanish group now numbers almost 300 people.

Along the years Aage Hempel Group also grew internationally with the following offices now forming a part of the family:

Aage Hempel Group



Aage Hempel Spain


Aage Hempel Gibraltar Ltd


Aage Hempel Morocco Ltd


Grupo Arbulu

In 2008 it was sold to the present owners who are the Arbulu Group, a company also involved in the Marine Electronics Industry in Spain. This large Spanish Group now numbers almost 300 people.


Aage Hempel Malta


Aage Hempel Portugal


Aage Hempel Panama


Aage Hempel The Netherlands


Aage Hempel Spain and Crame integration

Aage Hempel Spain and Crame integration (March): aage hempel crame means the consolidation of a new leader in the global marine electronic market in Spain with a strong international presence as it is part of aage hempel group, which will permit us to continue our international growth based on a strong financial strength and utilizing the power of our own internal human resources.
The main objective is to offer our clients a global supplier of navigation equipments and satellite communications with high quality, technical services both nationally and internationally.

Aage Hempel Marine Electronics