Since 2008, Aage Hempel is part of Grupo Arbulu, a group of 9 leading companies specialized in marine electronics technology and satellite communications solutions for the maritime industry, with a wide international presence.


At Grupo Arbulu we view sustainability as a commitment to creating economic, social and environmental value for our clients to achieve a positive impact on our oceans and contribute to the development and protection of natural resources. That is why Grupo Arbulu companies carry out different actions to promote the sustainability of marine resources and improve the environmental impact that our clients have in the ocean, either through the development of new technology that improves efficiency or through the supply of new digital tools or processes.

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At Grupo Arbulu we face and promote the digitalization of the maritime industry in a committed and sustainable manner, inspiring the industry with the most innovative technology and motivating our teams every day, in everything we do.

Grupo Arbulu companies develop and supply technology with the aim of improving their clients’ efficiency through the digitization of the maritime industry. A more digital maritime industry will reduce its fuel consumption in many processes and the carbon footprint in the ocean as a result of their activity. In addition, it will improve their operational efficiency in many onboard activities, saving money in operational costs.

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