Corporate Information

Here you will be able to find information regarding our company such as the Service and Sales General Terms and Conditions, The Code of Conduct Policy, The Information Securities Policy and the Criminal Compliance Policy.

Service & Sales General Terms & Conditions

Unless otherwise specified, all our sales are subject to the following general terms and conditions of sale

Code of Conduct Policy

The goal of this Code consist of exacting an ethical and responsible professional conduct from Grupo Arbulu and its entire workforce in the conduct of their business anywhere in the world, as a gist of its corporate culture upon which the training and the personal and professional career of its employees is based

Information Securities Policy

Information security is a cornerstone in the development of the activities of Grupo Arbulu, and it is a directly related with the proper operation of all our systems and services. Therefore, we consider it essential to comply with legal and contractual requirements and to adopt international standards of best practice related with information security.

Criminal Compliance Policy

This Policy is communicated to disseminate its unequivocal message of opposition to the commission of any criminal offence within the Company, as well as its commitment to promote and maintain an appropriate culture of respect for the Law aligned with the ethical principles established in the Code of Conduct of Grupo Arbulu and the remaining internal compliance rules that develop it.