Charity & Taylor new offices in UK, in Liverpool and Tyne Tees. In addition to these two offices, Charity and Taylor has four offices in UK, located in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Grangemouth and Falmouth. From these offices, they can offer services to the deepsea industry at all UK ports. Moreover, Charity and Taylor  new service support facilities will cover the North West and the North East of UK for all service requirements, installation, Spares and Repairs, Radio Surveys and annual performance tests, etc.

Charity and Taylor is a British company with 30 of experience in the maritime industry. In 2020, Charity & Taylor became part of Aage Hempel Group.

Industries we work with: 

  • Fishing
  • Shipping
  • Deepsea
  • Workboats
  • Windfarms
  • Offshore
  • Mega yachts

About Charity & Taylor:

Charity & Taylor business is about helping you sustain yours and we do that by sourcing, supplying, installing and commissioning the right tools for the job. And we do not just supply.  Firstly, we support and help you sustain operational capacity with maintenance, spares and repairs and the right marine electronics equipment.

Secondly,  for your business to work safely, and effectively, you need the right navigational and communication tools for your particular business and maritime activity.  Thirdly, no two businesses, vessels or their activities are necessarily the same. We recognise needs and operational activities vary.

Best service solutions, everywhere. 

No matter where your vessel operates.  It can be locally, regionally or internationally, we work to meet your specific needs.  And as a UK based business with the support of our owners, the Aage Hempel Group, we are able and resourced to offer an extensive quality service across the UK and globally through Aage Hempel Group.

As a result, our efforts and our energies are always directed at that, providing the best solution available and by meeting your needs with a high level of service and after sales support. Your business is what drives our business.