We are proud to announce the availability of local AH Technical Services for our customers in the following ports through AAGE HEMPEL in the USA and BRAZIL:

-Houston (USA)
– New York (USA)
– Corpus Christi (USA)
– New Orleans (USA)
– Norfolk (USA)
– Los Angeles/Long Beach (USA)
– Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
– Santos (Brazil)

This decision has come as a result of continued demand from our customers to provide local technical services and support in these geographical areas under the umbrella and quality standards of AAGE HEMPEL GROUP. With this move, there are now close to 80 dedicated field technicians within the Group, reinforcing our commitment and objective to give the best possible service to our customers at all times, wherever, and whenever they need us.

We are now present and can provide local services (whether that be Technical, Customer Service, and/or Sales) in 14 different countries around the world (Singapore, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Panama, Portugal, Morocco, England, Scotland, Egypt and now USA and Brazil).

Get in touch with our Customer Services (service@aagehempel.com), through your local area Hub (details at www.aagehempel.com) and let us resolve your problem.

Asian Hub: AH Singapore.
Americas Hub: AH Panama.
European Hubs: AHC Spain (Iberia), AH Netherlands, MARVEL S.A. member of Aage Hempel Group (Greece), Charity & Taylor (UK), AH Cyprus.
African Hub: AH Morocco.