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On March 2014 Aage Hempel Group secured order for navigation and communications for De Hoop / Netherland shipyard supply to ADNOC  ( Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ) of a total of  10 state of the art PVS’s ( Platform Vessel Supply ) built in two different locations Lobith-Tolkamer and Foxhol. The order meant to have 10 ships delivered by 1stQ2017.

AH contributed in supplying designing and engineering of all the electronics and communications related, including mast, hull, and bridge arrangement and every detail needed to comply with Navigational SOLAS Notation. It was made in coordination with Shipyard Technical Department, Electrical supplier, Steering supplier, DP supplier and LR / Principal Surveyor in Charge of Control and Electrical Equipment – Rotterdam and Copenhagen who personally supervised the whole approval process on the first unit / Pilot NB 470.

AH supplied a workstation solution comprised by (4) Processors Stations with 100% Multifunction which provide service to (2) RADAR X/S (2) ECDIS W/Tracking Function (A.1/4.33) with (1) EMRI AUTOPILOT and (1) CONNING which together with an AMS/Eekels made a system complying with LR IBS notation.

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Supplies started by Nov 2014 and finished by August 2016. The LR/Hand over started by  July 2015 and finished mid-January 2017. All the 10 ships made with no delays and following strict shipyard schedule. No claims from shipyard or penalties recorded in this contract.

For the record a total of 350  days  spent  in installation and commissioning and  a bit  more than 10.000 hours registered in site job. To the usual single newbuilding logistics complexity  needed to add ‘10 ships’ and ‘two locations’ facts which leaves an idea of the titanic effort to have it duly controlled and make it feasible.

A project of 10 ships is a record not achieved before by any of the companies within Grupo Arbulu.

Sincere congrats to everybody who’s contributed to make it possible.

Good things happens!.


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