Aage Hempel Group will exhibit at Navalia. The International Shipbuilding Exhibition, Navalia, is considered as a global event accommodating every sector of this industry. Apart from its professional role, Navalia brings together every second-year relevant governmental institutions for the sector and for international trading. 90 countries are participating in the exhibition with 600 represented brands.  Also,  the number of visitors had exceed 25.000 in its last edition.  Its seventh edition, was surrounded by an optimistic environment and the aim of consolidate the sector growth.

Aage Hempel Group will be exhibiting at Navalia together with other Grupo Arbulu companies, such as Nautical, Silecmar and Marine Instruments.


Nautical is a Spanish Grupo Arbulu company with more tan 50 years of experience in the naval and fishing sector. Also, it supplies navigation and communication equipment to both industries. The close relationship we have with the industry and the client allows to fully adapt to our clients needs. Our clients include tuna vessels, trawlers, longliners, auxiliary vessels, public administration, the navy, shipping vessels and new construction vessels.

Nautical supplies technology solutions of the most important brands in the marine electronics market. Moreover, it provides satellite communications from the best satellite operators to guarantee a reliable and efficient connectivity on board. Furthermore, Nautical offers a full service including consulting, technical service, installation and maintenance on board.


SILECMAR is a project that arises in 2006 with the aim to research and develop automation and control systems for the naval industry. Among others, it deals with information and control of the processes for their improvement, resource optimization and management efficiency. Innovation and accessible technology that can be applied directly to ships and shipbuilding companies. Being an expert in the marine environment, the company seeks to distinction for excellence in service. It offers automatic systems for fishing maneuvers, monitoring and controlling any winch and automatically and efficiently control trawl and seine gear. It develops systems for ship’s energy management, from basic consumption systems to advanced PMS systems, SCADAs, alarm management, and manages and integrates all kinds of processes, always working towards their optimization. Availability, customer service and technical support, together with the robustness and reliability of the systems developed.


Marine Instruments focuses on the development and manufacture of marine technology mainly for the fisheries sector. Taking as a starting point its extensive knowledge of marine electronics and satellite communications, it is able to provide open and scalable solutions for any sector.

Therefore, Marine Instruments is a world leader in the development and manufacture of echo sounder satellite buoys for tuna fishing. Currently, it focuses its strategy on developing technological solutions that help sustainable and efficient fishing. Also, all products developed by Marine Instruments use satellite communication technologies through Iridium or radio communication technologies. Its strong commitment to R&D and integrated manufacturing guarantees its customers the best technological solutions for the digitization of the fishing sector.

Among its most innovative products is the development of drones for both surveillance and fishing purposes. Although Marine Instruments mainly designs, develops and manufactures marine electronics solutions for fishing, currently, thanks to its diversification strategy, it also develops and manufactures technological solutions for other sectors such as aquaculture or Security and Defense.

This year, Navalia will take place in Vigo from the 24th to the 26th of May. For details on the stand location, click here.