AAGE HEMPEL CRAME finishes successfully the AIS supply campaign to the Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets

by / Thursday, 25 June 2015 / Published in News

With a supply of well over 1.200 units and a market share close to 75%, Aage Hempel Crame has successfully concluded the AIS supply to the fishing fleets of Spain and Portugal following the new European mandate by which Class A AIS must be standard navigational equipment in fishing vessels.


Fishing vessels (orange AIS targets in the picture) transmitting in one of the most transited traffic routes of Spain: Cabo de Palos-Cabo de la Nao to/from Valencia and Barcelona Ports.


According to Alberto Olmos, AH Group´s General Sales Manager: “the key of our success in this campaign is based in adapting our offer to the market requirements and teaming up with our dealer network in keeping a close follow up of fishing vessels affected along the last 3-4 years. Other important factors are the logistics coordination with our suppliers during high demand peaks and the fact that our suppliers have been flexible enough to incorporate small improvements to the units following user´s feedback. Fishermen and dealers demand from manufacturers that they incorporate improvements after receiving feedback and both, SRT and Cobham, have listened to this.”

Spanish and Portuguese coasts are loaded with international vessel traffic. Both countries have numerous fishing vessels operating daily in the same coastal waters. By the use of AIS Class A navigational safety has been dramatically improved.


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